What is the most daring job in the military? If there was one definitive answer, it would probably be pararescumen. These men jump from thousands of feet in the air to locate downed airmen in hostile territory, provide landing sites and contingency rescues for NASA missions. Pararescumen are heavily trained soldiers that do what many wouldn’t to rescue.

Well, what makes pararescumen different from other classes of military? For one, the training that pararescumen endure is some of the most brutal, including 20 hour training days. For starters, one would need a diploma or GED, US citizenship, and proficiency in swimming and strength. Also, women and colorblind can’t become pararescuemen, as the name suggests. Not many who start training for this duty end it; the dropout rate is over 90%. The few who persevere and keep a strong body and mind become elite soldiers trained to survive in almost any environment. To be a pararescueman is an honor that is hard-fought for in which only the strongest; both physically and mentally, can achieve.