How to Care For Rope


Often times when people are done with their rope they just throw it on the ground, tangled and unorganized, left to sit in the dust until they shove the rope in their pack for the next time they need it. Unlike most people would think, rope is actually pretty delicate, especially for sport climbing purposes, as for rope should be replaced every four months, sometimes immediately if one falls. Ideally rope should be kept in a coil placed in a bag, off the floor. Ropes should be cleaned occasionally in cold water with minimal amounts of a mild soap and hung up to dry at room temperature away from sunlight or a heat source. Avoid chemicals, acids (vinegar, citrus, fruit juices, etc.), alkaline substances (concentrated soaps), bleaches, oxidizing agents, sources of ignition, and blood. If the use of rope is occasional, like every other weekend, and the rope is in good shape and does not show signs of wear (flatness, softness, or stiffness), then the rope can last up to four years.