My Summer Break in 2014

The summer of 2014 was a fun and interesting summer. Before I had ended my school year of seventh grade, I was involved in selling organic cookies at the Sykesville Main Street Farmer’s Market. To start there were only three vendors, me, Big Brother Bakery and two others. Let me tell you what I sold. I sold organic soy-free baked goods, cookies being the most well-known in a goal to educate people about eating clean and organic. My mother and I were each in tents next to each other, I sold baked goods, while she sold her photography. She was also the Maryland Photographer of the year in 2012, and her trophy stands on our fireplace, the biggest of all her six trophies, since that was the only one of its kind. She also has plenty of ribbons as well. The Farmer’s market took a few weeks to pick up, but by the seventh or eighth week, business soared. There were vendors of all types including produce, soaps, baked goods, artwork, and meats. The market was doing fairly well until September, when business almost halted. The market was actually closed weeks before it was scheduled to end.

We also had got thirteen chickens in March and they started laying delicious eggs in August. We had six Barred Plymouth Rocks, three Buff Orpingtons, two Speckled Sussex, one New Hampshire, and one Ameraucana. I treat my chickens as pets, and give them produce scraps as treats, which they love.

In terms of vacations, there were mini-vacations. My family and I went up to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania to visit the Great Wolf and Camelbeach water parks, although we got sick while on vacation. The Great Wolf Lodge was very filthy and the buffet had dirty dishes which were our serving plates. There was one place that satisfied my stomach, which was Bailey’s Steakhouse. Their food hadn’t been changed much and was still as good as when I was there in 2013. Overall, the trip was terrible. We also took a trip to Williamsburg in Virginia to visit the old colonial town, not the Great Wolf Lodge that was there. We were very satisfied by the trip, at least I was. We had gone there for my stepfather’s birthday. Since my younger brother has soy allergies, we brought our organic lasagna, which was not a cost-effective meal, forty-five dollars per lasagna. I personally liked the fresh-baked lasagna that we first made the best, rather than the lasagna we took on our trip. They were made at the same time, so I don’t know how they were different, but they were. My younger brother also participated in the regiment. He really enjoyed it. I thought the regiment was historically inaccurate because many colonists were more guerilla-style fighters, rather than the march-in-line British. Before we left, we went to Jamestown and toured the Island. When leaving, we had to stop in Virginia Beach. We spent the night and ate at the Big Italy, which by my organic and clean health standards, was satisfactory.

We then left the next morning and had gone through Norfolk, trying to avoid the three large tunnels. What we didn’t know, however, was that Norfolk was like a tunnel city. There were lots of tunnels, and we had to drive through the whole city just to find a drawbridge. We then went on Interstate 95, but went off to state route 1 since there was a lot of accidents on the road. The trip took seven hours in total to reach home in Maryland, which is usually how long the drive to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is. Before September, we also celebrated my younger brother’s birthday, which was obviously fun for him. So overall the summer break had twists and turns, and therefore there were ups and downs, but I overall had a good break.