A Hobby of Mine

In my spare time, I often like wondering about certain events in history and seeing how the world could be different if they had turned out differently. This is what is commonly referred to as alternate history.  Alternate History has always puzzled me, wondering about so many possible outcomes and choosing the one that I deem to be the most likely to happen. A great place I’ve found for looking at alternate histories is the Alternate History Wiki. When opening the wiki up, there is the featured alternate history of the month on the site. As of October 2014, the featured alternate history is about if Christopher Columbus hadn’t had Spain (or Aragon in 1492, but 1493 is the unification) accept his proposal of a sea route west to India. All the featured alternate histories are placed on the list of alternate histories with their own section simply stating, “Featured Alternate Histories”. For videos, the Alternate History Hub is generally a good YouTube channel. There are tons of videos to watch about, and all are explained in some detail, but not too much to be a thirty minute video. One of my favorites is if communism won against capitalism during the cold war. The storyline follows as if communism took over America (the U.S.), instead of capitalism being set in place after the fall of the Soviet Union, or the U.S.S.R. There are a whole ton of other videos to watch but this is the one that I could think of being one of the best. Fortunately for me, this did not happen and I am very glad about that.