The Furthest I have been From Home

So, what is the furthest place I have been from home? Well, to start, I have never traveled outside of the United States in my lifetime yet. The furthest I have been from home is Clearwater Florida. Clearwater is on the gulf side of Florida, not the ocean side. I have traveled to nine out of fifty states in the United States. My home-state, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. So counting Maryland, I have been to nine states. The furthest north I have gone is the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, which isn’t too far from the north border where Pennsylvania and New York State meet. Going to Delaware was an accident when trying to go to Ocean City, thanks to our super reliable GPS system (that was sarcasm). We also went to Assateague Island for my mother taking photographs. I have traveled to West Virginia once, when we went to Harper’s Ferry and then drove to the Skyline drive through the mountains (I’m not sure if they are separate from the Appalachians) in Virginia, which was an amazing drive with an incredible view. I have went to Pennsylvania either for watching movies at the cinema in Hanover or the Great Wolf Lodge that was there in the Poconos. I have been to Virginia six times, four were just driving through, and the other two were the skyline drive and Williamsburg.

The states of North Carolina and South Carolina were just driving through, even though we usually spend the night in a hotel in one of the two, usually in Florence or Dillon in South Carolina. Georgia has been driving through, and I have been to Florida four times to see my Grandmother and Uncle in Port Richey. While in Florida, we visit Tarpon Springs and Clearwater. We were considering moving to Florida at one point, but decided to stay in Maryland. I didn’t want to move to Florida anyways because I don’t like vacations all that much. Yes, they are fun, but home is where I am most relaxed. Also in Florida I went to Caladesi Island, which can only be accessed by small boats. The island has stingrays on its swampy side, but other than turtles and jellyfish, not many animals live there. I have also been to Honeymoon Island where we try to walk the eight mile long island but can’t each time. My uncle and I stayed in my mother’s Hummer because the mosquitos were very bad. Unfortunately for my mother, brother, and grandmother, they stayed after the park closed and were picked up by the rangers on the island. Treasure Island has also been visited by us, but the Island is more of a touristy island somewhat like Ocean City or Virginia Beach, but smaller.

So I haven’t even traveled to one-fifth of the states, but that’s okay with me since I don’t like to travel that much.  The thing is, that I am happy and content, and I don’t necessarily care how many states I have been to. Besides I can recognize each one on a blank unlabeled map of the U.S., or by their shape alone, which is just a better way to know my country.