Why I Love History So Much

In school, I have always loved history. I also love geography, science, and English, but History and Geography remain my favorites in school subjects. History opens up a whole new world in my mind. Learning about the past is something I like doing, whether it’s my family history or the crusades, it’s a fun learning experience for me. History can also be taught in so many ways, whether you read about history, draw it, watch documentaries about history, or play strategy games such as Age of Empires(even though those games won’t teach about history that much), the broad range of learning styles for history may be more than any other subject. Take writing for example, practicing, unless you’re a naturally good writer, is the only way to improve writing skills. There are two ways to practice writing, typing, or writing on paper. There really isn’t any other way.  With global exploration, we have learned about many different cultures around the world, which brings up another point. History has a lot of variety, not just world history and American history as the two types in American schools, but diving into specific areas or civilizations or events, there is so much to learn. Learning about history also leads into alternate history, a whole new world of creativity where what the answers are all correct, because in our timeline those alternate events did not happen.

In conclusion, history is a vivid and diverse subject that can open up a world of wonder and imagination, well, at least in my mind. That is why I love history so much, and if we didn’t learn about history, then the future world leaders could make mistakes that previous ones had made in the past.