best chapters 20000 leages under the seas mind map

20,000 Leagues Under the Seas Outline


  • Jules Verne’s most famous work was Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Seas
  • The book was considered one of the first science fiction books
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Number Three

  • My third favorite chapter in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas is Chapter 23 in book 1: Aegi Somnia/Troubled Dreams
  • Nemo locks his “guests” up after Aronnax tries to look at what Nemo is seeing with his telescope
  • Having to wait so long to find out why captain Nemo locked Aronnax, Counseil, and Ned in that room really makes you wonder

Number Two

  • My second favorite chapter in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas is Chapter 12 in book two: Sperm Whales and Baleen Whales.
  • Ned, after seeing a herd of Baleen Whales, wants to use his harpoon on them, but Nemo refuses his proposal since there is no need for oil on the Nautilus
  • Nemo rescues the Ballen whales from a Sperm Whale attack and butchers them according to Ned, who preferred his harpoon to the Nautilis’ spear
  • Sperm Whales are wrongly depicted as eating Baleen whales, which if anything, the large devilfish squid is more appetizing than a Baleen whale

Number One

  • This is a tie between Chapter Two in book two: A New Proposition From Captain Nemo, and Chapter Three in book two: A Pearl Worth Ten Million.
  • Chapter Two depicts Aronnax trying to warn Counseil and Ned about Sharks before fishing for pearls in Ceylon (now Sri-Lanka)
  • Aronnax’s method of warning them was placing shark or man-eater instead of what he was supposed to say
  • Chapter Three depicts Nemo, Ned, Aronnax, and Counseil fishing for pearls in Ceylon
  • The chapter also depicts Nemo’s “good side”, when he gives a poor Indian a whole bag of pearls, after being attacked by a shark that Nemo narrowly escaped thanks to Ned’s harpoon


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