Missing Person Questionnaire

How tall is this person?

Is this person dependent or independent?

A: Dependent

B: Independent

How old is this person?

What was this person wearing before he got lost?

Where was this person last seen?

Is this person a runaway, or is the person lost?

A: Runaway

B: Lost

C: Other (describe)

What, if any, medication is this person on?

What are the side effects of not taking this medication?

Does this person have mental illnesses? If so, list them.

Does this person have phobias?

Is this person patient, or impatient?

A: Patient

B: Impatient

Is this person passive or Aggressive?

A: Passive

B: Aggressive

How much equipment does this person have?

What equipment does this person have?

Does This Person Know how to use the equipment he has?

What color hair does this person have?

A: Blonde

B: Brown

C: Red

D: Black

E: Grey

F: Other (describe)

What race is this person?

A: White

B: Black

C: Latino

D: Oriental

E: Native American

F: Middle Easterner

G: Other (describe)

What color eyes does this person have?

A: Brown

B: Blue

C: Green

D: Other (Describe)

What habits does this person have?

Give a brief physical description of the person.