1: As of September 2014, over 1800 Exoplanets have been discovered.

2: Only 21 are potentially habitable

3: Only one potentially habitable exoplanet is around the same size as Earth

4: The other potentially habitable exoplanets are superterrans, or planets larger than Earth.

5: There are many “Hot Jupiters” and “Hot Neptunians”. These make up almost half of all exoplanets discovered so far

6: The majority of the exoplanets found are hot

7: Many of the “Hot Jupiters” are larger than Jupiter

8: There is an exoplanet made out of diamond. The planet is five times the size of Earth. Talk about diamond mining!

9: There is an exoplanet that only reflects less than 1% of the light that reaches it. That is blacker than coal.

10: The Kepler space telescope found many exoplanets. The telescope is named in honor of Johannes Kepler, a German mathematician who found out planets moved in elliptical orbits.