Protein is a common word in the English language, referring to the molecules that allow for muscular development, structure in the body, and vital molecules to exist, such as hemoglobin, among many other things. However, where did these amazing proteins come from?

An evolutionary theory states that when lightning passed through our atmosphere a very long time ago, way before humans, plants, and animals were around, amino acids, essentially the building blocks of protein, were formed, and from there they fell into the world’s oceans and linked to form the first proteins and then somehow met with DNA to form the first cell. Now, it is true that some amino acids can be formed from a lightning strike, but this theory, among many others atheists create, has problems. For one, amino acids disperse in water, and also they would be contaminated from other chemicals and would never form proteins. However, remember the lightning test and amino acids? The scientist, whose name is Stanley Miller, used an equal amount of both right-handed and left-handed amino acids. The left-handed ones are used by living organisms, but right-handed ones are not. Even if left-handed amino acids somehow linked up, they require proteins that are already existent to do so, but according to the theory there aren’t any proteins!

            Most scientists and textbooks now claim this to be false. Instead, they now argue that RNA catalyzed, or started, the formation of proteins. However, RNA can only form inside living cells, yet another hit against evolution. Another argument from proteins is the existence of chaperones. These specialized proteins make sure other proteins fold correctly in able to interact with other proteins around them. These chaperones have their own chaperones, but how did the first chaperones fold correctly without chaperones to help them? In addition, the proteins must be able to stop being produced in able to prevent the cells in your body from exploding. The DNA helps with that, but DNA is so complex, even in tiny bacteria, that the thought of DNA spontaneously being formed is ridiculous.

            So, if evolution isn’t the answer, what is? God is the answer. Once again our creator shows his brilliance and intelligence through proteins, which are necessary for life to occur, me to type this, and you to be able to read it.