Snap Judgments or thought out decisions?

Let’s say you have a new job travelling around the world as a singer on a tour, waiting for you to accept it. You have two choices, you can take the job, or you can turn down the job. Accepting the job seems to be the logical option, there is a good salary, you get to travel around the world, and especially since you happen to be a talented singer, why shouldn’t you take the job? However, despite all these benefits, there is something inside you telling you not to take that job. Some people call it a “gut feeling”, but in reality it is the almighty lord, God, telling you not to take it. You listen to him, and a few months later you find out that same company that asked you to come along, who, since you declined, is doing tours with another singer, got bankrupt. In this case, God was right and that “snap judgment” or “gut feeling” was the best path to take.

Why are these, not thought through decisions the ones that we often times take? And why are they good, and better than the seemingly logical decision? Well, God loves you and everybody else in this world, and wants what’s best for you. There is no way some, evolved instinct could be behind these decisions after all, it doesn’t make sense. However, God being behind it matches up perfectly, especially since every time you listen to him the end result turns out to be better than the other one, it proves that there is indeed a loving god out there. Here is an example from my life; it was a dark and windy night to say the least, and just before I was going to fall asleep, I had one of those “gut feelings” to go outside to the chicken coop. So, I woke my mother up so she could disarm the system and I could go outside. Well,  it turns out when I went out there that the coop door was swung wide open, leaving my chickens open to predators such as coyotes, which are around where I live. I shut the door, but then again, I knew it wouldn’t last long, so I went in to try and find something to prevent the door from swinging open again. I had to use keychain clips. When I went out there, sure enough, the door was swung open again, so I shut it and locked the door. Due to living on a farm with many predators, including skunks, raccoons, stray cats, foxes, and coyotes, if I hadn’t gone out I would most likely see a whole bunch of feathers everywhere and animal tracks, or in other words, dead chickens. God had told me to go out there, and if I hadn’t, well, those chickens may have been eaten that cold  and windy night.

Here is the real question; are these decisions thought through, or not? The answer is yes, but by whom? That varies. For many of those decisions, including that last example, they were heavily thought through, having the possibilities weighed, etc. However, even if you were to simply act upon that gut feeling, God would still have thought through it, just, much, much quicker than our miniscule minds can comprehend. He, the creator, who created this universe in six days, can surely weigh the possibilities of a simple decision in record time. And not only that, but he knows what will happen in our lives, every thought, every decision, everything, and what exactly would happen if we did not take his advice, or if we did, depending on your decision. Our role is to decide the outcome, which is known to God. The seemingly logical decision is in fact the illogical decision. How more illogical can you get not listening to God? No matter how subtle his voice may seem, God wants what is best for you, and those “snap decisions” are very well thought though, and the best ones in the long term.