Hi! This is a map of all the colonial powers in 1914 that I made for 8th Grade History. Now just to let you know for those wondering why I didn’t use the right color scheme, its because it wouldn’t work for how I wanted to do the map. Also the map on lesson 99 that’s supposed to be correctly shaded isn’t (and I am not talking about Canada or Russia!). Here are the two mistakes I found.

1: Papua New Guinea isn’t divided between Germany in the north and Britain in the south.

2: Ottoman territory next to Kuwait is shaded as if it were British.

Also I practically memorized the map in 1914 (history buff + map wiz) prior to this lesson, so I knew what to shade in what color and what to leave blank. In addition to the required nations I also added Denmark and her possesions, the U.S. and its territories, as well as the Japanese Empire at the time.

Here is the map itself. Click on it to get the larger image.

world map 1914 ogrebot map redo v6

Map is heavily editied and drastically different from the original.

Here is the file.

Click here to see the version used.

Summary of the license.

Actual copy of the license.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S.- The Pink and Purple slashed lines is supposed to mean its disputed.