Let me start off by saying that I love History. History has always been, and still is, fascinating to learn about. The more I read or write about it, the more I learn (writing about something actually cements information in my head pretty well). There is a seemingly endless amount of information on history, and its always cool to find out what’s new. That’s why I am subscribed to the Ancient History Encyclopedia’s newsletter and the National Geographic History Magazine. Today, I combined that with another hobby-ish thing, maps, and you got a historical map.

At first, I intended to make a historical map of the Greek and Phoenician Colonies in the Mediterranean Sea, however, after downloading a historical atlas of Europe (link below), and trying to put their map (which was sideways) onto MS Paint, the white in the map became black. So, for two hours or so (interrupted by a three-hour break), I painted all the black with white, and converted the pdf section into a png file. You can see the image below, which I feel is only eligible to be in the public domain (note that this is only public domain in the U.S., where I live, if you live anywhere else, you need to check your country’s rules on this before using this).

Greater Hellas and the Phoenicians in the 7th to 5th Century B.C. Page 21
Click to get the much, much larger image.

Click here to download the pdf yourself from the Wikimedia Commons.

Personally, I think I’ll do this some more for other maps, its tedious work, but the reward is well-worth it. What do you think?