Remember that poll for my next history essay? For one, the essay is about the History of the Roman Republic. However, that essay is becoming so large that the final result will be more like a book. I have just reached my eleventh page of notes (counting Bibliography) and I intend to continue. I’m not exactly sure when this will be finished though.

Here  is a sample of the notes I’ve collected describing the start of the First Punic War.

  • The war itself had a complex beginning.
  • A people known as the Mamertines, hired by the tyrant Agathocles of Syracuse, invaded and captured the city of Messana (today Messina).
  • The Mamertimes soon met with Syracusan forces under the command of the new tyrant named Hiero II.
  • Hiero II defeated the Mamertimes, and they appealed to Rome and Carthage for help.
  • Carthage responded first by sending soldiers to Messana to protect the Mamertimes from Syracuse, and also warning Hiero to take no further action against the Mamertimes.
  • Nobody is sure why the Mamertimes accepted the proposal, but soon afterwards the Mamertimes appealed to Rome once more, thinking that the Romans would provide better protection.
  • According to Polybius the historian, there was great debate among the Romans as whether they should accept the plea or not.
  • Many Romans did not want to protect soldiers who stole a city from its rightful possesors, and they were still recovering from an insurrection that occurred earlier, Romans also did not want to see Carthage expand its power in Sicily.
  • Intervention would likely result in war with Carthage, but, since the Senate could not decide on the issue, the matter was put to popular assembly, where it was decided that the Romans would intervene.

I am currently on the Second Punic War (just finished The Battle of Cannae), but I still have a ways to go before having a finished paper book.

It seems I’ve joined the Ron Paul Curriculum’s class of writers (just that this time, its’ non-fiction).