Hello again. I decided to post an update on the book that I am working on. For the past week, progress has been slow, however, I have been able to find more sources and right now I am currently using them.

Here are the planned chapters for the book (which will most likely be available in PDF format)

Part I: Founding to the Conquest of the Italian Peninsula

Founding of Rome and the Etruscans

Formation of the Roman Republic and its’ Government

Expansion on the Italian Peninsula (Samnite Wars and Pyrrhic War, may be divided into two chapters)

Part II: Rome and Carthage

First Punic War: Causes

First Punic War

Interwar Period between the First and Second Punic Wars

Second Punic War

Part III: Expansion and Transformation into an Empire

Expansion Eastward

Internal Struggles

The Rise of Caesar

Assassination of Caesar and the Formation of the Roman Empire


I am aiming for this book to be a sort of introduction to the Roman Republic, so don’t expect anything long. As of right now this book seems to be around thirty to forty pages in length.

Maps will also be included (all of which I am creating with no base map (Here they are).

Also, I haven’t been posting anything in a while due to me working on Math and Baking (I plan on becoming an entrepreneurial Pastry Chef when I grow up).