Do my chickens like Music?

I’ve read over the internet about the many effects music may have on chickens and found the idea of having my chickens listen to music fascinating. So I decided to put up an experiment (hardly the most scientific thing, but I wasn’t going to risk dropping my laptop in sand or chicken poop). What I did was I took my laptop with four different songs and played them outside the chicken fence. This was for two reasons. One was so that the chickens wouldn’t be forced to listen to the music and the effect of the laptop would be minimal (I was unable to use any other device at the time) so there was the least chance of the chickens freaking out (they didn’t though). Another was to prevent chicken poop from getting on the laptop.

So without further ado I began playing the first song, “Linus and Lucy”. Being their first song, the chickens at first all paid attention and gave what I call “chicken looks” (see below). However most of them left and did their own thing. After that I played “Saturday Snow” (London Symphony Orchestra Winterscapes) to them, and they didn’t care too much. However unlike the song before and the song afterwards, there was no feather plucking. Could it be relaxing to them? I’m not sure. After that, I played “Stayin’ Alive” from The Bee Gees to the chickens. This first time they were interested, especially in the vocals. However as time passed on, the chickens ended up walking away. The last song I played for them was Santorini, from Yanni’s Live at the Acropolis album. The chickens seemed almost captivated by the song, but eventually they walked away.

I did this over three consecutive days and here are my general results.

“Linus and Lucy”: A bit “meh” among the chickens. They seem somewhat interested, but not really relaxed or captivated.

“Saturday Snow”: The chickens seem to be relaxed by this one. On the second day Raspy (one of my chickens) fell asleep listening to the song. And there is little pecking among the chickens.

“Stayin’ Alive”: The chickens don’t seem to like this one very much. They tend to walk away.

“Santorini”: Chickens seem a bit fascinated by this song, however they eventually go back to doing their thing.

It seems to be that the chickens tend to enjoy the piano the best.