The Election Results: Joys and Surprises

I honestly wasn’t sure if this would actually happen. But, after staying up for hours on end, constantly tracking the results on Google’s election page (updated polling results every few minutes last night) and waiting for Fox News or any other news channel to call Pennsylvania as a Trump win(Google had called Pennsylvania earlier but not Wisconsin), it happened. Donald Trump had actually won the U.S. Presidential Election. If I had to guess who would win the presidency on New Year’s 2016, it probably wouldn’t be him. Let alone by such a wide margin either. Below I have my various thoughts on the U.S. Presidential election.

For starters, I am glad I stayed up later than I had ever stayed up in my life waiting for the election results. I am jubilant that Donald Trump has won this election. At the same time, I understand the frustration of all those who had supported Hillary Clinton. If Clinton had won, I would’ve been disappointed, angry, and sad. Of course I wouldn’t flee to Canada! However now is the time for rebuilding and healing the divide, and now is the time for us to give Donald Trump a chance as President.

I’m also surprised at how well I predicted this election. If the trends in Michigan and New Hampshire stay the way they are, which I think they will, then my earlier prediction was only one state off (Pennsylvania), which, isn’t bad at all considering how most of the pundits saw this election as a Clinton win rather than a Trump win. Below I have my prediction compared with the actual results of the election, as well as a link to a Business Insider page detailing all of the major predictions that you would find on the Presidential Election.

Business Insider Page

My Prediction from Last Week

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Actual Results

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To be honest I was just throwing in a bit of skepticism here, some overconfidence there, never really expecting the prediction to be worth a dime. In 2020 (which is the first election I will be able to vote in. I plan to do so.) I am predicting that I will probably get a whole lot wrong! But I guess I’ll have to wait four years or so to find out.

Thankfully so far the post-election period is going smoothly. President Obama and Trump are set to meet tomorrow in the White House in order to figure out how to smoothly transition power, Hillary Clinton has conceded defeat and did not encourage violence or challenging the electoral college vote, and Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia was ready to restore relations with the U.S. Both Obama and Clinton’s speeches were good (It’s not like they had much choice. If they wanted to rig the election or even if they want to do it now; it’s going to be a very bad idea. Declaring the election to be “unfair” or saying “it’s the Russians” isn’t going to help) Hillary Clinton even said “God Bless America”, which is the first time I’ve ever heard her say that. I’m going to keep my eye out, but I think that this transition may be more peaceful than the alternative news journalists may have believed.

Lastly, I am so glad that Republicans have narrowly kept the Senate under their control. The House was no problem for the GOP to take again and I didn’t worry much about that, but now with both Houses under Republican control and Donald Trump being the president-elect, come January 2017 the probabilities for significant change are much higher now. That is good! In a Republican majority congress, after a gazillion tries, a bill to repeal Obamacare was finally passed in both houses before being immediately vetoed by President Obama. Now with a Republican President, a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, if passed in both houses, would easily be able to be passed into law by President Trump.

So in conclusion last night was a long night for me, but certainly worth it. Seeing Trump’s victory was a gigantic relief and joy. Additionally I am now more optimistic that Republicans, who are now a larger, more populist party, will be able to get a lot done in the first two years of a Donald Trump administration. I also am amazed at my terrible predicting skills, and am glad that Obama and Clinton took the sensible path in accepting the election results and encouraging unity amongst Americans. Finally, I would like to encourage everyone reading this that now is no longer the time for division in this country. The viciousness and partisan nature of this election have really divided Americans, but we are Americans! Let us celebrate that and the smoothness of the transition process that many feared wouldn’t be as smooth as it is right now. God bless America.

Interesting 2016 Election Facts

1): Donald Trump is the oldest President ever elected to a first term in office.

2): This is the fifth election in U.S. history where the winner of the popular vote did not win the electoral vote. Yes, Hillary Clinton narrowly won the popular vote.

3): Ohio still remains the bell-whistle for the U.S. Presidential elections.

4): This is the first election where Maine’s electoral votes have ever been split between two candidates.