The Problem with Truth

Truth is something that mankind can’t catch up to. No matter how hard some may try, the complete truth can never be found by man. Mankind can get close to the truth, but there are three main attributes exhibited by mankind that prevent mankind from grasping absolute truth, and by extension, improvement. They are selfishness, arrogance, and limitedness.

Mankind is too selfish to fully prove the truth

Mankind cannot prove the truth, especially in this day and age, because many men and women are too selfish to prove the truth. Selfishness can be divided into two sections: temptation and greed. Once one is tempted to be selfish, they will be greedy and only care for their own desires. This especially has to do with politicians, where power and allegiance to party and/or politician-based ideologies are temptations too great for many to revolt against, but even for children whose temptations are much smaller and crimes less significant, usually revolving around more food and play for themselves, it is a problem. The ones who fall for this temptation will, when having committed a scandalous crime, will attempt to hide their actions the best they can, with the hope that they do not get caught, and with the fear of getting caught and punished for their crime. When they hide their actions, they conceal the truth, sometimes even trying to wipe away the truth so it will not be found. If the truth is wiped away by man, how can man rediscover it? Man cannot.

Mankind is too arrogant to fully prove the truth

Mankind cannot prove the truth because many men are too arrogant and closed-minded to do so. Most face arrogance at one point or another in their lifetimes, but some struggle with it for their entire lifetimes, or at least for a sizeable portion of their lifetimes. Suppose that a man is trying to prove the truth in a case, and will not rest until his view that he sees as truth is accepted. However, more evidence comes in, advocating for another view. The man mentioned earlier has two options. He can either review the evidence honestly and completely, or, he can discard the evidence without looking at it completely or at all. The second choice is taken by arrogant men, who are too stubborn to change their mind. When arrogant men are tasked with important matters, such as being a judge in a court case, or trying to understand how the universe or mankind came to be, neither of which can be proven to begin with, they will be blind in their affairs and make unwise and damaging choices. They may even make unsubstantiated claims with no evidence for them, and potentially even with significant evidence against them. If man cannot review new evidence completely, then how can man find the truth? Man cannot.

Mankind is too limited to fully prove the truth

Lastly, mankind cannot prove the truth because all of mankind is limited. No one can remember everything, and no man can witness everything, and no man can know everything. Even using technology it is still not possible to attain the full truth. Even if every square centimeter of Earth was constantly recorded, including underground areas, aircraft and spacecraft, technology built by man is corruptible. A camera lens can be obstructed quite easily, and cameras and sound recording devices can be turned off. Also, man cannot prove what other men are thinking about, and they cannot prove what memories a man does and doesn’t have, and even if technology can be used to prove these things, the same technology can always be undermined.

Concluding Remarks

So in closing, mankind is selfish, arrogant and limited, and therefore cannot prove absolute truth in all matters, no matter how hard man tries. Men can be selfish and destroy evidence, men can be arrogant and ignore evidence, and mankind will always be limited in that, even with technology, they cannot prove everything to be true, because technology can be undermined and man can be killed. Mankind is ultimately imperfect and mistakes are made all of the time by men. A criminal act may be hidden away, causing a guilty man to not be charged, an innocent man may be put in jail, and a generation may be swayed in a knowingly wrong direction. And as sad as these things may be, they are an unfortunate and inevitable part of mankind’s existence.