Five Things I want from a Donald Trump Presidency

President Trump’s inaugural address given last Friday was centered on the restoration of government by the people (a phrase never used in the address, but the meaning is the same). And, since it is our country now according to the President, I figured now would be the perfect time to post my five biggest wishes from a Donald Trump presidency.

1): Fix our broken government

A country requires many things to succeed besides God’s will: A unified people, an effective government, an economy suitable for its citizens, and a military strong enough to defend it or a physical and/or diplomatic climate that wards away invasion. Currently the United States lacks one of these; an effective government. With a failed bureaucracy and officials working for their own interests rather than those of the people, the current U.S. Government needs to be fixed. A simplification of the tax code, elimination of unnecessary government jobs, agencies, and programs, congressional term limits, and a congressional raise system that will only give raises based on inflation rates is in order. The first two are based on a philosophy of benefiting the majority over the minority in the short-term. The first would entirely destroy a job field of tax accountants, but it would also save millions of Americans time and money. The second would eliminate many jobs, but it would also free up government budgets for other, more productive things. The last two of these are unlikely to occur since congress would have to voluntarily switch to those systems, but hopefully the President and the Vice President can convince congress otherwise. Those reforms would also allow far more candidates to run for congressman or senator of a particular state/district and cut down on taxpayer spending towards the government.

However reform shouldn’t stop there. Lobbying by big Pharma has caused millions of cases of autism in children, and lobbying by Big Agriculture (Monsanto-Bayer, which controls 90% of the world’s plant seeds) has also caused large amounts of pollution, both from the companies themselves and the recipients of their products. High levels of glyphosate (the chemical in Roundup labelled as “probably carcinogenic” by the World Health Organization) have been found in urine samples of EU Parliament members, and chances are those levels are in American urine too. With so much glyphosate exiting our bodies every day, one would come to conclude that perhaps we’re polluting more than we think we are. If Big Pharma and Big Agriculture hadn’t lobbied our government, then we might not have the massive rise in autism and the glyphosate problem we have today.

2): American Jobs must be produced

There are tons of companies moving overseas because it costs too much to produce goods in the United States when compared with overseas. The economic conditions encouraged by the federal government can easily affect where a large company will build and keep factories. If taxes and regulations are too restrictive in a country where a company has factories, then a company will move its factories elsewhere. If they’re lenient enough for the company to do well, then they’ll keep their production centers where they are. That philosophy is embraced by Donald Trump and needs to be embraced on a national level.

The end of illegal immigration across the U.S-Mexico border must also commence within four years. Similarly to how the EU’s policy with citizens in any state being freely able to move into another state has wrecked the British economy, the jobs of Americans, whether black, white, Asian, or any other “race”, are being taken away by illegal immigrants who will work for less and work harder than Americans. Is this encouraging laziness? No. It’s encouraging justice and the rule of law in this country. We have around 15 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. right now. With the exception of Walmart and McDonald’s, most big fast food and retail companies in America have less than 400,000 employees. For example Starbucks employs 191,000. Yum! Brands (owns Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, and WingStreet) employs 303,405. That sounds like a lot, until one realizes that even 400,000 is only around 2.25% of 15 million. Jobs like these can be taken away very fast by illegal immigrants while the poor American citizens struggle to find a job.

3): Defeat Terrorism at Home and Abroad

Terrorism continues to plague the western world fifteen years after former President George W. Bush declared the “War on Terror”. Terrorism from the radical left and Islamic extremists needs to end within the next four years. That task is incredibly difficult to achieve since we now know that not just Iran but also Arabian Governments, that is countries located on the Arabian Peninsula, have been funding Islamic extremism. To make things worse, a new home-grown terrorism under the liberal guises of “peace”, “equality”, “tolerance”, and “diversity” has emerged. Of course the author here is referring to Black Lives Matter and its acts of vandalism and murder against policemen and even civilians. A cultural effort led by civilians will need to occur in order to heal the wounds between the BLM and everyone else, but the criminality of this group needs to be stopped. however if President Trump managed to end terrorism somehow, then far fewer on the increasingly radical left would be obligated to call him unqualified or clueless.

4): Defeat North Korea

This is an immediate priority. A nuclear North Korea must be stopped from building better nuclear weapons capable of striking the United States. Unlike more rational nations such as China, Russia, India, Pakistan, and pretty much every nuclear power minus Iran, North Korea has a leader that is quite possibly crazy enough to launch nuclear weapons. This can be done via heavy sanctions, especially from China and Russia, which would buckle the already subsidized North Korean economy and unfortunately make the starving population fare worse. But, as we’ve seen under the Obama presidency, Kim Jong Un continues to starve his own people anyway, while he can weigh some three hundred pounds. Dropping sanctions only provides a minor alleviation of pain in the case of North Korea, but doesn’t solve the problem. In fact it may have made the problem even worse.

5): Restore Liberty across the United States

The Federal government needs to get out of people’s way. Regulations, violations of personal freedom, and restrictions concerning the second Amendment (to a certain degree) have crept into law in the past few years. The author thinks that a federal government which voluntarily gives liberty (meaning the ability to live freely, or, in the case of the unborn, the ability to live) back to its citizens is needed. That means that Roe v. Wade must be overturned, Planned Parenthood defunded, people should be allowed to create new businesses without loads of federal burdens, medical cannabis should be legalized, and marijuana use decriminalized. We shouldn’t be throwing millions of people in jail for taking a non-addictive substance.


Those are my five big wants from a Donald Trump presidency. The end of a broken government in Washington, both from unnecessary bureaucracy, corruption among politicians, and the lobbying of Big Pharma and Big Agriculture is required, among even more things, to enable the U.S. Government to be more representative of the people rather than working in their own interest. American jobs must be produced by encouraging businesses to set up factories in the U.S. and by ending illegal immigration. Terrorism, both at home and abroad, and from home and abroad, must end as well. North Korea must also be stopped from being able to launch a nuclear strike against the United States. Lastly, individual and business liberties must be restored in this country so the American people can be more productive and do what they want with as little barriers as possible, except if what they want is to do something illegal, of course. Donald Trump is an outsider. Everybody knows that. Hopefully a more open-minded president such as himself can do the actions necessary to make America great again.