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About Me

Hi There!

I am Slayden, the founder/administrator of slukeplassrpcblog. I am currently fourteen years old and I am currently taking Mathematics 10 and Personal Finance on the Ron Paul Curriculum, and English, History, and Science are being freelanced. I am a huge history buff and am subscribed to the National Geographic History Magazine as well. I have 12 chickens, who I take care of as well on our farm. In addition I am a Star Wars fan and a Star Trek fan as well. This blog is meant for posting my school assignments (except Math) so you all can see them. I welcome comments on my essays, compliments and criticism. Enjoy the essay content!



10 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Thanks! Feel free to view it! Just know that I don’t post essays on here anymore (and haven’t since 10th grade) as I have graduated from school. If I wanted to post papers or any written works again I’d probably start a brand new website.


    1. First, I haven’t seen The Last Jedi. No spoilers! (please). It’s hard to go moviegoing with my current situation, which would take a long time to fully explain.

      As to your question though, I’ve become apathetic toward Star Wars. I just have lost interest, and have moved onto other things, namely my Bible reading and study, as well as textual criticism, translation philosophy, and figuring out how to learn Koine Greek without going to seminary ($$), and gaining such a grasp so I can translate the entire New Testament, all within two years.

      Ideally I’d be spending less time on Minecraft minigame servers though. 😦

      I don’t hate Star Wars, and I’m not one of those people who thinks it’s childish to be a fan of or something like that. I would keep fandom under a tighter leash though. But for me, investing my time into becoming a relatively deep fan of Star Wars isn’t worth my time, especially if I have bigger interests. Star Trek is the same way, as is Super Mario. They’ve all taken a back seat as goals have come into my mind.

      In short, Star Wars? It’s not bad, but it’s not as interesting as it used to be, especially as now I have long-term goals; something new for me.

      God bless,



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