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Personal Finance Weekly Essay #2: Three Ways I can manage my Time Better

Three Ways I can manage my Time Better

I have issues when it comes to time management. I am easily distracted, and I have a tendency to procrastinate as well. There are tons of ways I can eliminate wasted time, but for now, here are the three I can think of right now.

The first and most obvious of these is to use a calendar. I’ve tried using paper, but it just doesn’t seem to work and I can’t stick to it. So instead I am testing the Google Calendar, which seems to be working (apparently anything with the name “Google” I use more often) so far. I am putting both school-related and non-school-related tasks in my calendar to make it easier to plan out my day.

Another way I can save time is by taking ten minutes every Saturday to straighten up my bedroom. This can save me from a few hours of cleaning on a particular day, freeing up more space for other tasks. This is also marked on my calendar as well.

One final thing I can do to save some time is to do schoolwork when I am bored on weekends. This can get me further ahead and reduce wasted time in which I just sit for a half hour or so. Within that time I can do a timed prompt essay or short history paper. It never hurts to practice writing, whether in school-designated hours or not.

These are just three out of the many ways in which I can manage my time better. Obviously there is still room to improve, but for now using and sticking to a calendar, straightening up my room every Saturday, and doing schoolwork instead of sitting around, will be good enough. In the future however, I would like to add more ways to become better at managing my time.


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